Troubleshooting OpenTSDB#

OpenTSDB is a time-series database. It is a storage engine for metrics. OpenTSDB is the first time-series database supported by HealOps.

Specific issues you might bump into#

Chunking needs to be enabled in the OpenTSDB config file. i.e.:

  1. Open the conf file, it is located at e.g.

    1. /opt/opentsdb/opentsdb-"version"/src/opentsdb.conf
    2. Find the section named # Enable chunking
    3. Set these two:
      1. tsd.http.request.enable_chunked = true
      2. tsd.http.request.max_chunk = 4096
  2. For the chunking config change to be picked you need to:

    1. Add --config= e.g.:
/opt/opentsdb/opentsdb-${TSDB_VERSION}/build/tsdb tsd --config=/opt/opentsdb/opentsdb-${TSDB_VERSION}/src/opentsdb.conf --port=4242 --staticroot=/opt/opentsdb/opentsdb-${TSDB_VERSION}/build/staticroot --cachedir=/tmp --auto-metric

Where to get info#

  • Find the official info [here][]


Go to the "Logs" tab in the Web interface. Or view logs directly on the OpenTSDB Srv.

Via the logs tab#

  • Go to the URI of the OpenTSDB web-interface.
  • Click on the "Logs" tab in the top left corner.