A HealOpsPackage#

A HealOpsPackage is to HealOps, what a package is to your Node.js project. Equivalent to a module in the Java 9+ world.....and on you go for other programming languages that has a package management system via which you can share collections of code.

Specifically a HealOpsPackage contains .Tests.ps1 and .Repairs.ps1 files. Or/and *.Stats.ps1 files. These files are invoked in order to:

  • Test the state of an IT system or component ==> * a *.Tests.ps1 file.
  • Repair a broken state of 'x' component ==> a *.Repairs.ps1 file.
  • Or simply just report the stats of 'x' component ==> a *.Stats.ps1 file.

You install a HealOpsPackage directly on a node running IT components you wish to have HealOps look at. Or you could install it on a node, external to the system you wish to have HealOps look at (you will then just configure the HealOpsPackage to point to the system/component that HealOps should look at).

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